Radioecology News and Careers

Current ionising radiation doses in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone do not directly impact on soil biological activity
24th Feb 2022
Nectar consumption, metabolic rate and activity datasets for bumblebees exposed to ecologically relevant radiation dose rates
5th Jan 2022
Radiocaesium accumulation and fluctuating asymmetry in the Japanese mitten crab, Eriocheir japonica, along a gradient of radionuclide contamination at Fukushima
16th Nov 2021
20th & 21st January 2022 (1/2 days) ONLINE
23rd Aug 2021
Widespread Chernobyl wildfires posed low radiation health risks
19th May 2021
Impact of environmental radiation on the health and reproductive status of fish from Japan, 2017
11th Jan 2021
Element and radionuclide concentrations in soils and wildlife from forests in north-east England with a focus on species representative of the ICRP's Reference Animals and Plants
5th Jan 2021
Chernobyl-level radiation exposure damages bumblebee reproduction: a laboratory experiment.
27th Oct 2020
Modelling the effects of ionising radiation on a vole population from the Chernobyl Red forest in an ecological context
21st Oct 2020
Evaluation of interactive effects of phosphorus-32 and copper on marine and freshwater bivalve molluscs
29th Sep 2020
Transcriptional changes in the ovaries of perch from Chernobyl
15th Sep 2020
Spatial radionuclide deposition data from the 60 km radial area around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant: results from a sampling survey in 1987
26th Aug 2020
ONLINE training course during Oct 2020
10th Jul 2020
and associated paper 'open for public discussion' until end Aug 2020
6th Jul 2020
Webinar and presentations can be downloaded
11th Jun 2020
News article 'Chernobyl: The end of a three-decade experiment' and film 'In the Shadow of Chernobyl'
10th Jun 2020