Chernobyl Webcams

Chernobyl trap camera photographs

With our Ukrainian collaborators we have 42 wildlife trap cameras running in three areas of the CEZ. The cameras were first set-up in November 2014 (see photographs of cameras being set-up) and are moved to new locations approximately every eight weeks. The study will run until approximately December 2015. The results should enable us to estimate the abundance of some mammal species within the CEZ and will, to our knowledge, be the first scientific study to attempt to do this using trap cameras.

Click on area names to right of map to see photographs from each area


Short 'movie' - photographs from November 2014 - March 2015

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Sergey Gaschak our collaborator in the Ukraine has had a number of cameras in the CEZ for a few years. A selection of photographs from these, including the first confirmation of Brown bear in the Ukrainian CEZ can be found HERE. An article has been published:


First photographs of bison (to our knowledge) in the Ukrainian CEZ. An article has been published: